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In Formation: Katherine Stinson delivers Edmonton’s first airmail

Editors note: Last week marked the 100th anniversary of the Katherine Stinson’s first airmail flight in Western Canada.  Historian Neil Taylor, wrote this piece about the young American aviatrix for ...

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Celebrating 100 years of airmail in Western Canada

This week marks 100 years since Katherine Stinson flew a sack of 259 letters from Calgary to Edmonton. The July 9, 1918 flight was the first airmail delivery in Western ...

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News Release: Aviation Museum marks 100 years since first airmail flight in Alberta

It’s hard to believe in this day of instant messaging, but at the turn of the 20th century mail delivery tooks weeks or even months. All that began to change ...

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A year of change and success for Grade Six Education Program

It was another busy year for our instructors teaching the Science of Flight Program to Grade Six students in the Edmonton area. The program, which has been operating at the ...

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Video: New drone video by Hummingbird UAV

People love taking pictures of airplanes and we are fortunate that so many highly-skilled photographers choose the Alberta Aviation Museum to practice their craft. But Armin Hasenbank takes it to ...

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