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In Formation: Wiley Post drops in on Edmonton

By Neil Taylor June 30, 1931 the weather was bad – very bad. It had been raining in Edmonton off and on for days, and overnight two-thirds of an inch ...

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MacEwan students help Blatchford Boogie Woogie

Amber Neitz and her classmates at the MacEwan Arts and Cultural Management Program are too young to remember when the sounds of big bands reverberated through Edmonton dance halls of ...

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Museum community loses two more good friends

Rob Fitzsimmons Rob Fitzsimmons  volunteered at the museum for about two years, and in that time he developed a reputation for precision craftsmanship. Among other carpentry projects and display pieces, ...

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‘Rick and Ron’ inspire a new generation to take flight

Rick McKown and Ron Robuliak spend their days filling young minds with the wonders of flight. The two volunteer their time as education instructors at the Alberta Aviation Museum, teaching ...

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Women of Aviation Week celebration highlights helicopters

Twenty-year-old Sarah Bachand was studying physics at the University of Alberta when she decided to take a different career path. “I always loved math and all this technical stuff and ...

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