Museum History

The museum started 25 years ago, when a group of aviation buffs convinced Edmonton City Council to let them use the historic Blatchford hangar on Kingsway.

It’s the last remaining double-long, double-wide hangar from the World War II era and is a protected historic resource.

Over the years, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have worked on our iconic collection of more than 20 aircraft, including many ground-up restorations.

With the closure of the airport, the museum moves into a new phase, becoming the historic cornerstone of the new Blatchford community. We are also embarking on a major revitalization to better tell Edmonton’s exciting flying history to a whole new generation.

                            Plaque detailing construction details of the Blatchford hangar now occupied by the AAM.

Museum Vision:

To continue to be a leading, respected, professional aviation museum and community partner.

Museum Mission:

To tell the story of Edmonton’s rich aviation history legacy through exciting displays, artifacts and activities related to Alberta and the North, past, present & future.