Project Description

The American-made Waco (pronounced Wah!-koh) series of cabin biplanes were popular as private, corporate and charter operators.

Not only were companies realizing the value of aviation to move cargo, but that aircraft could be used for the speedy transportation of executives, mining engineers, and other key personnel. The WACO was a popular aircraft because it provided a relatively comfortable interior for its pilot and passengers.

The Waco's lower wing limited its usefulness on rugged undeveloped airstrips, unlike the more popular bush planes which featured a single high wing for better ground clearance. But airports, even primitive ones, were becoming more common during the late 1930's.  This allowed utility aircraft like the Waco speedy access to those areas.

Waco CF-AAW was restored and kindly donated to the Alberta Aviation Museum by Jack Johnson.


Aircraft Details







Continental R-670 210 hp

Cruising Speed:

118 mph

Useful load

1,200 lbs


550 miles

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