Teachers’ Area

The museum offers educational programming that is available for sixth grade classes. We have two separate programs: Theory Of Flight and our new Pilot Training Lab. Teachers can find more information regarding the two programs below.

Theory of Flight

Theory of Flight explores the science behind flight and is aligned with the sixth grade curriculum. Through dynamic activities, demonstrations, and tours, our experienced instructors reinforce the key concepts (featured below) that students can tie into their classroom learning. Instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about aviation, with many of them having experience as pilots.

This program is meant to be used as an aid to students’ classroom learning. It is not meant to replace unit coverage in school and the museum has found that classes that have covered the material previously and arrive prepared gain the most from our programming.

Key Concepts

  • Forces of Flight
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Flight Controls
  • Aviation History

Pilot Training Lab

Our newest program, the Pilot Training School, builds off of student’s classroom learning. It is a more advanced program that further explains flight instruments, flight-deck controls, control surfaces, and how they impact an aircraft in the flight. The morning portion is focused on acquainting students with these concepts before they test their knowledge and skills with our new, state-of-the-art, Redbird Jay flight simulators.

This program is for classes that want to further their understanding of aviation in a hands-on and interactive way but is not full coverage of the sixth grade curriculum. Classes must have had their unit test on Theory of Flight material prior to their trip date.

Key Concepts

  • Control Surfaces
  • Flight Deck Controls
  • Flight Instruments
  • Simulation Use


All full-day programs are $10 per student plus GST (teachers and supervisors, free.)

Half-day program is $5 per student plus GST (teachers and supervisors, free.)

For more information contact our Programming Coordinator here.